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Induction Motors

Predict how your electric machine will perform using MotorSolve Online IM, the cloud based induction motor design tool.

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MotorSolve Online is a subscription based cloud solution for motor designers. Simulate AC (wound rotor, squirrel cage) and variable frequency induction motors of any size and for any application.

The template-based interface allows for easy creation of the rotor/stator geometry & selection of materials, winding layout and drive configuration.

Once the specifications have been entered, all the charts, fields and characteristics of interest are available with just a click.

Online Template Library

  • Extensive template library of bar and wound type rotors
  • Interior and exterior rotors
  • All standard slot types (square, round, slotless, parallel tooth, etc) are also included

Geometric Design Parameters

  • Dimension of the bars, teeth and slots
  • Number of poles and slots
  • Stack length
  • Lamination, coil and magnet material

Coil Winding Layout

  • Automatically calculates all balanced layouts possible for user to select
  • Supports manual winding layouts
  • Specify end winding geometry
  • Select one of several wire sizing methods

Waveforms & Charts

  • Bar current
  • Voltage
  • Torque
  • Flux
  • And many more


  • Torque
  • Efficiency
  • Power factor
  • Leakage inductances
  • And many more


  • Current density
  • Flux density
  • Losses
  • And many more

MotorSolve IM is also available as a desktop solution. To learn more about the complete features available, please visit